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Drought in Africa

It is a recurrent and often devastating feature of the sub-Saharan climate. If leaders were to treat it as recurrent, they could deal with it in ways that would stabilize the region's far m production...

By Michael H. Glantz

Molecular Mechanisms of Photosynthesis

Spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography and molecular genetics combine to give a detailed picture of events in photosynthesis and show how particular molecules contribute to the process

By Barry L. Marrs and Douglas C. Youvan

Gravitational Wave Observatories

Einstein's general theory of relativity suggests that the earth is bathed with gravitational waves from distant stars. Observatories planned for the early 1990's could detect the extragalactic signals...

By Andrew D. Jeffries, Michael E. Zucker, Peter R. Saulson and Robert E. Spero

The Anatomy of Memory

An inquiry into the roots of human amnesia has shown how deep structures in the brain may interact with perceptual pathways in outer brain layers to transform sensory stimuli into memories...

By Mortimer Mishkin and Tim Appenzeller

Collapsing Volcanoes

In the life cycle of many volcanoes a catastrophic collapse is a "normal" event. The details of the process are revealed in the deposits left by the devastating avalanches of debris

By Stephen Self and Peter Francis

Diving Adaptations of the Weddell Seal

Collapsible lungs and a spleen that functions as a scuba tank are apparently among the features that enable the seal to swim deeper, and to hold its breath longer, than most other mammals...

By Warren M. Zapol

The Connection Machine

Most computers have a single processing unit. In this new parallel computer 65,536 processors work on a problem at once. The resulting speed may transform several fields, including artificial intelligence...

By W. Daniel Hillis

The Birth of the U.S. Biological-Warfare Program

Recently declassified Government files reveal the events that led to research on biological weapons. Now a divisive public issue, the program started out as an obscure operation in World War II...

By Barton J. Bernstein


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