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Stars & Stripes

The winner of the 1987 America's Cup competition embodied the results of a concentrated technological effort in sailboat design. Computers played a significant role in the victory

By John S. Letcher Jr., John K. Marshall, James C. Oliver III and Nils Salvesen

Collisions Between Spinning Protons

The outcome of a collision between two protons shows a surprising dependence on their directions of spin. The results challenge the prevailing theory that describes the proton's structure and forces...

By Alan D. Krisch

The Causes of Down Syndrome

The genes thought to be responsible for many of the pathologies associated with the disorder are being identified and mapped to sites on chromosome 21

By David Patterson

The Clonal-Selection Theory

The antibodies that defend the body from foreign invasion are remarkably diverse. It took nearly 100 years to define and substantiate a theory that could account for their formation

By Sir Gustav Nossal and Gordon L. Ada

Salt Tectonics

When salt is buried under heavier rocks, it rises buoyantly in vast sheets and fingers; it may even fountain aboveground and flow like a glacier. Laboratory models reveal the patterns of salt upwelling...

By Christopher J. Talbot and Martin P. A. Jackson

Gallium Arsenide Transistors

Their speed holds promise for advanced computers and communication systems. It can be understood by plotting the energy and momentum of an electron propagating through a crystal of the semiconductor...

By William R. Frensley

Gazelle Killing in Stone Age Syria

At Tell Abu Hureyra a band of hunter-gatherers started slaughtering entire gazelle herds 11,000 years ago. Hunting continued long after the emergence of agriculture, which sheds new light on that process...

By Anthony J. Legge and Peter A. Rowley-Conwy

Air Pollution by Particles

Acidic particles in the atmosphere are known to reduce visibility and damage materials. Ingenious methods have now demonstrated that the main source of the particles is the combustion of fossil fuels...

By Robert W. Shaw


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