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The Nonacoustic Detection of Submarines

Effective submarine-detection systems that do not rely on the vessels' sounds are not likely to emerge soon. Yet possible operating principles are under study, since a functioning system means a military advantage...

By Tom Stefanick

Gravity and Antimatter

Newton and Einstein both maintain that an object's gravitational acceleration is independent of its mass and substance. Recent ideas challenge that notion; an antiproton experiment could provide a test...

By Michael Martin Nieto, Richard J. Hughes and Terry Goldman

Catalytic Antibodies

This new class of molecules couples antibodies' vast diversity with the catalytic power that makes enzymes invaluable for technology, medicine and basic research.

By Alfonso Tramontano and Richard A. Lerner

Construction Cranes

These hoisting machines have diverged into various forms to meet the special needs of urban construction and are indispensable components of the building trade.

By Howard I. Shapiro and Lawrence K. Shapiro

How the Leopard Gets its Spots

A single pattern-formation mechanism could underlie the wide variety of animal coat markings found in nature. Results from the mathematical model open lines of inquiry for the biologist...

By James D. Murray

Fatness and Fertility

Loss of fat from dieting or exercise can lead to infertility that is reversible with fat gain. It is possible that fat tissue exerts a regulatory effect on the reproductive ability of human females...

By Rose E. Frisch

The Quantum-Effect Device: Tomorrow's Transistor?

The components of ordinary integrated circuits can be made only so small before disruptive effects impair their function. Beyond that size limit a new species of semiconductor device could take over...

By Robert T. Bate

The Roman Port of Cosa

At its height in 100 B.C. it included an amphora factory, a winery, a fishery and a water-distribution system as well as a harbor with concrete piers-all controlled by one noble, entrepreneurial family...

By Anna Marguerite McCann


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: March 1988

  • Poisoning the Air

  • Cousins or Brothers?

  • Civil Defense

  • Where's Rover?

  • Solar Polar Bears

  • Sex Switch

  • Shedding Light

  • Freezing Ions

  • Seeing Red

  • Decoy

  • Dial-A-Doc

  • Setting the Pace

  • Optrodes

  • Star-Crossed

  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, March 1988

  • Recommended

    Books, March 1988

  • Departments

    The Authors, March 1988

  • The Amateur Scientist, March 1988

  • Computer Recreations, March 1988

  • Bibliography, March 1988

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