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On Science Advice to the President

Right after Sputnik, the White House created the best science-advisory system in its history. The president needs good science advice more than ever; it is time to resurrect the long defunct system...

By Jerome B. Wiesner

How Gene Activators Work

Much is known about how genes are turned on and off in bacterial cells. Now molecular biologists show that what they have learned is relevant to gene regulation in higher organisms as well...

By Mark Ptashne

Deep Earthquakes

They have posed a fruitful puzzle since their discovery 60 years ago. How can rock fail at the temperatures and pressures that prevail hundreds of kilometers down?

By Cliff Frohlich

The Mixing of Fluids

Viscous fluids flowing in simple, periodic patterns in two dimensions can generate the chaos that leads to efficient mixing. Experiments and computer models reveal the underlying mechanism...

By Julio M. Ottino

Carbohydrates and Depression

Several related behavioral disorders recognized in the past decade are characterized by disturbances of appetite and mood. One of the best-known is seasonal affective disorder, or SAD

By Judith J. Wurtman and Richard J. Wurtman

The Hunt for Proconsul

Sixty years after its discovery, Proconsul is now known to be the last common ancestor of great apes and human beings rather than an extinct ancestor of the chimpanzee and the gorilla

By Alan Walker and Mark Teaford

The Shortest-Network Problem

What is the shortest network of line segments interconnecting an arbitrary set of, say, 100 points? The solution to this problem has eluded the fastest computers and the sharpest mathematical minds...

By Marshall W. Bern and Ronald L. Graham

André-Marie Ampère

The first investigator to quantify the magnetic effects of electric current, Ampere was also a pioneer in the philosophy of science. His philosophy shaped his method of scientific discovery...

By L. Pearce Williams


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: January 1989

  • New Deal?

  • Back to the Bases

  • Lone-Star Science

  • Greenhouse America

  • Time after Time

  • Hive Technology

  • Hostile Takeovers

  • Preemptive Strike

  • Memory in a Neuron

  • Schizophrenic Results

  • Merchants of Peace

  • Power to Burn

  • Not in the Cards?

  • Needed: a free flow of information and ideas

  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, January 1989

  • Erratum

  • Recommended

    Books, January 1989

  • Amateur Scientist

    The Amateur Scientist, January 1989

  • Departments

    Computer Recreations, January 1989

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