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U.S. Access to Space

For the next decade the U.S. has to rely on the shuttle and existing expendable launchers to get into space. Before launchers for the 21 st century are developed, space-program goals should be established

By Ray A. Williamson and John M. Logsdon

Multidrug Resistance in Cancer

An ancient pump protein that flushes toxins out of cells may be to blame when cancer chemotherapy fails. Its identification offers hope that multidrug-resistant cancers might be made vulnerable again

By Victor Ling and Norbert Kartner

Plasma Particle Accelerators

Electric fields generated in plasma can propel electrons to high energies. The process promises fields 10,000 times stronger than those of the most powerful conventional accelerators

By John M. Dawson

Science in Pictures: Macromolecular Crystals

The growth of crystals is now the key to deducing the structure of large molecules.

By Alexander McPherson

Modeling the Geochemical Carbon Cycle

Natural geochemical processes that result in the slow buildup of atmospheric carbon dioxide may have caused past geologic intervals of global warming through the greenhouse effect

By Antonio C. Lasaga and Robert A. Berner

The Roman Aqueduct of Nîmes

New analyses of the once magnificent water-supply system suggest that the structural and hydraulic engineers who designed it 2,000 years ago were more sophisticated than is generally thought

By George F. W. Hauck


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: March 1989

  • Clearing the Air

  • To our Health

  • Cosmic News

  • A Gothic Tale

  • The Summer of '88

  • A Snowball's Chance

  • Time Bomb

  • Beyond Understanding?

  • Thinking in Circles

  • The Blood-Brain Barrier

  • Tat's Surprising

  • The Syphilized World

  • Lukewarm Turkey

  • Competitive Climate

  • Decaying Orbit

  • An Economic Animal

  • The Biology of Obsessions and Compulsions

  • Lessons of Sunraycer

  • Litigation Thwarts Innovation in the U.S.

  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, March 1989

  • Recommended

    Books, March 1989

  • Amateur Scientist

    The Amateur Scientist, March 199

  • Departments

    Computer Recreations, March 1989

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March 1989

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