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Global Climatic Change

Evidence suggests that production of carbon dioxide and methane from human activities has already begun to change the climate and that radical steps must be taken to halt any further change...

By Richard A. Houghton and George M. Woodwell

The Turnover of Messenger RNA

The synthesis rate of many proteins is influenced more by how rapidly their messenger-RNA templates decay, or turn over, than by how rapidly the RNA's are synthesized. What regulates the decay?...

By Jeffrey Ross

Quantum Interference and the Aharonov-Bohm Effect

These counterintuitive effects play important roles in the theory of electromagnetic interactions, in solid-state physics and possibly in the development of new microelectronic devices...

By Yoseph Imry and Richard A. Webb


Named for their starlike shape, these brain cells were once thought to be little more than passive support elements. Recent findings, however, implicate them in brain function, development and disease...

By Harold K. Kimelberg and Michael D. Norenberg

Free-Electron Lasers

Electrons can impart energy to light waves with the help of a magnetic field. The resulting intense beam can probe crystalline structures-and perhaps destroy missiles in space

By Henry P. Freund and Robert K. Parker

Sensory Function in the Harbor Seal

Amphibious in its habits, the harbor seal divides its time between land and water. In the ocean the seal must navigate, locate prey and keep track of its pup; on land it gives birth, nurses its young and rests...

By Deane Renouf

The Trireme Sails Again

It took years of detective work to reconstruct the fabled Greek warship. Sea trials indicate that the ship might indeed have performed the feats of speed attested to in ancient records

By John F. Coates

Children of the Garden Island

In 1955, 698 infants on the Hawaiian island of Kauai became participants in a 30-year study that has shown how some individuals triumph over physical disadvantages and deprived childhoods...

By Emmy E. Werner


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: April 1989

  • Aids Counts

  • Flash Point

  • Points of View

  • Talking Tall

  • Irish Mist

  • It's a Pulsar!

  • Unsuperconductivity

  • Arctic Angst

  • Dirty Business

  • Beating the Spread

  • Deep Thought

  • Virus de Résistance

  • A Sparrow's Fall

  • Computerized Canaries

  • Multiple Choice

  • An Alliance for Progress?

  • The Burden of Proof

  • On Gossamer Wings

  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, April 1989

  • Recommended

    Books, April 1989

  • Amateur Scientist

    The Amateur Scientist, April 1989

  • Departments

    Computer Recreations, April 1989

  • Fraud in Science: Causes and Remedies

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