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Hidden Earthquakes

Large earthquakes can take place not only on faults that cut the earth's surface but also on "blind" faults under folded terrain

By Robert S. Yeats and Ross S. Stein

A Different Kind of Inheritance

The methylation of DNA may be a major "epigenetic" mechanism by which gene-activity patterns-as opposed to genes per se-are passed from one generation of cells to another during development

By Robin Holliday

The Fourier Transform

DNA's double helix, the sunspot cycle and the sawtooth signals of electronics can be reduced mathematically to a series of undulating curves. This idea underlies a powerful analytical tool

By Ronald N. Bracewell

The Channeling of Electrons and Positrons

Charged particles traveling along a crystal's planes of symmetry behave strangely: they interact with sheets or strings of nuclei rather than with single atoms

By Allan H. Srensen and Erik Uggerhj

Authenticating Ancient Marble Sculpture

Stone sculpture is notoriously difficult to prove genuine. As prices for such works skyrocket, geochemists are being called in to help settle questions that art history and a connoisseur's eye cannot resolve

By Stanley V. Margolis


Evidence of the pale-green liqueur's toxicity eventually extinguished the fin-de-siecle infatuation with absinthe. The drink's history began, however, long before the 19th century

By Wilfred Niels Arnold


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: June 1989

  • Ivan's Eyes

  • Playing with Fire

  • Taxing the Wages of Sin

  • Waiting Game

  • Nonlinear Thinking

  • Muddy Evidence

  • Disco-Bee

  • Halley's Birthplace

  • Grave Doubts

  • The Tails of Ubiquitin

  • Molecular Monkeywrench

  • One Hand Clapping

  • Toward a New Industrial America

  • Science in Pictures: The Fossils of Monte San Giorgio

  • The Finance of Fission

  • Mr. Clean

  • So Long, Silicon

  • Books, June 1989

  • Letters

    Letters to the Editor, June 1989

  • Amateur Scientist

    The Amateur Scientist, June 1989

  • Departments

    The Analytical Economist: Is the U.S. national debt a problem?

  • Computer Recreations, June 1989

  • Essay: Stages of Evolution and their Messengers

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June 1989

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