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Managing Planet Earth

Introducing a single-topic issue that explores the prospects for sustainable human development on a planet with finite resources and a fragile environment

By William C. Clark

The Changing Atmosphere

Human activity is altering the complex mixture of gases in the atmosphere. Some effects, such as acid rain and smog, are already evident. Unwelcome surprises may be lurking

By Paul J. Crutzen and Thomas E. Graedel

The Changing Climate

Global warming should be unmistakable within a decade or two. Prompt emission cuts could slow the buildup of heattrapping gases and limit this risky planetwide experiment

By Stephen H. Schneider

Threats to the World's Water

Population growth, ignorance and poverty, along with poor agricultural practices, have endangered water resources. Unless appropriate steps are taken soon, severe shortages will occur

By J. W. Maurits la Rivière

Threats to Biodiversity

Habitat destruction, mostly in the tropics, is driving thousands of species each year to extinction. The consequences will be dire-unless the trend is reversed

By Edward O. Wilson

The Growing Human Population

Development will stabilize populations, but will development come before population growth and harsh technologies do irremediable damage to the planet's life-support capacity?

By Nathan Keyfitz

Strategies for Agriculture

Agricultural research will probably yield many new technologies for expanding food production while preserving land, water and genetic diversity. The real trick will be getting farmers to use them...

By Norman J. Rosenberg and Pierre R. Crosson

Strategies for Energy use

Energy efficiency can reconcile environmental concerns with economic development for all nations. It can stretch energy supplies, slow climatic changes and buy time to develop alternative energy resources...

By Holly L. Gwin, John H. Gibbons y Peter D. Blair

Strategies for Manufacturing

Wastes from one industrial process can serve as the raw materials for another, thereby reducing the impact of industry on the environment

By Nicholas E. Gallopoulos and Robert A. Frosch

Strategies for Sustainable Economic Development

World economies are depleting stocks of ecological capital faster than the stocks can be replenished. Yet economic growth can be reconciled with the integrity of the environment

By Jim MacNeill

Toward a Sustainable World

What policies can lead to the changes in behavior-of individuals, industries and governments-that will allow development and growth to take place within the limits set by ecological imperatives?...

By William D. Ruckelshaus


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  • Beyond the Piano: Musicians Explore the Acoustics of Kelp and Clay and Ostrich Eggs

  • The Masai

  • Skin Deep

  • Dirty Business

  • Look but don't Touch

  • Surpassing the Buck

  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, September 1989

  • Recommended

    Books, September 1989

  • Amateur Scientist

    The Amateur Scientist, September 1989

  • Departments

    The Analytical Economist: Seasoning Leading Economic Indicators with Salt

  • Computer Recreations, September 1989

  • Essay: How to Secure our Common Future

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