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Deforestation in the Tropics

Government policies that encourage exploitation-in particular excessive logging and clearing for ranches and farms-are largely to blame for the accelerating destruction of tropical forests

By Robert Repetto

What is Happening at the Center of Our Galaxy?

This mysterious region contains antimatter, radioactive clouds, veiled sources of intense radiation, swirling gas and dust and an unseen object with a tremendous gravitational pull-perhaps a massive black hole

By Charles H. Townes and Reinhard Genzel

Impact Cratering on the Earth

The explosion of the world's nuclear arsenal could not match the power released when a kilometer-size meteorite hits the earth. Have impacts even more powerful altered biological as well as geologic evolution?

By Richard A. F. Grieve

What the Brain Tells the Eye

A circadian clock adjusts the sensitivity of the horseshoe crab's eyes. Study of the mechanism opens a window on the brain's control of sensory organs in other animals as well

By Robert B. Barlow Jr.

The Transformation of the Kalahari !Kung

Why after centuries of stability has this society, an apparent relic of ancient hunting and gathering groups, abandoned many of its traditional ways?

By John E. Yellen

Ancient Glazes

The beauty of a glazed ceramic arises from the interplay of light with the complex structure of the glaze. The methods of materials science reveal the ingenuity of ancient glazing technologies

By Pamela B. Vandiver


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