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When Science Takes the Witness Stand

In courts of law, forensic. testimony often goes unchallenged by a scientifically naive legal community. Forensic methods must be screened with greater care if justice is to be served

By Neville Colman and Peter J. Neufeld

The Solar-Neutrino Problem

Painstaking observations show that the sun emits fewer of these elusive particles than theories predict. This deficit challenges current understanding of physics and of the process by which the sun shines

By John N. Bahcall

Adoptive Immunotherapy for Cancer

Also called cell-transfer therapy, it is one of a new class of approaches being developed to strengthen the innate ability of the immune system to fight cancer

By Steven A. Rosenberg


Although sometimes misclassified or even derided as a fraud, the prehistoric flier Archaeopteryx remains a rich source of information about the evolution of flight in birds

By Peter Wellnhofer

The Spawning of the Capelin

This fish lays its eggs on Newfoundland's beaches, where the hatchlings linger for up to a week. They leave the land for the sea in response to complex signals conveyed by wind and water

By Kenneth T. Frank and William C. Leggett

High-Performance Parachutes

Modern theories of aerodynamics, advanced materials and computer analysis have made possible parachutes that can decelerate a capsule from supersonic speeds to a snail's pace in a matter of seconds

By Carl W. Peterson

High Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa

Birth rates and population growth have begun to decline everywhere else in the developing world. What makes this region different?

By John C. Caldwell and Pat Caldwell


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