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RU 486

This controversial drug is now used widely in France to terminate unwanted pregnancies. Yet the compound was not invented for that purpose and actually has many possible applications

By Andr Ulmann, Daniel Philibert and Georges Teutsch


The ninth planet has a huge moon, a surface covered with frozen methane and a wispy atmosphere that may fall as snow periodically.. It may be a relic from the formation of the solar system...

By Richard P. Binzel

Biosonar and Neural Computation in Bats

Bats extract remarkably detailed information about their surroundings from biosonar signals. Neurons in their auditory systems are highly specialized for performing this task

By Nobuo Suga

The Mid-Ocean Ridge

It is the longest mountain chain, the most active volcanic area and until recently the least accessible region on the earth. New maps reveal striking details of how segments of the Ridge form and evolve...

By Kenneth C. Macdonald and Paul J. Fox

Science in Pictures: Frogfishes

Masters of aggressive mimicry, these voracious carnivores can gulp prey faster than any other vertebrate predator

By David B. Grobecker and Theodore W. Pietsch

The 3He Superfluids

The curious properties of this millikelvin liquid show quantum mechanics operating on a macroscopic scale. At nanokelvin temperatures even more bizarre liquids may exist

By George Pickett and Olli V. Lounasmaa

Sustainable Agriculture

Traditional conservation-minded methods combined with modern technology can reduce farmers' dependence on possibly dangerous chemicals. The rewards are both environmental and financial

By James F. Parr, John P. Reganold and Robert I. Papendick

Oliver Heaviside

An eminent Victorian mathematical physicist who despised mathematical rigor, a shy man who pilloried his enemies in print, Heaviside laid the foundations of modern electric-circuit design...

By Paul J. Nahin


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: June 1990

  • Blood Feud

  • Hubble's Legacy

  • Death Watch

  • Peary Redux

  • Atomic Fountain

  • Science Writ Small

  • "Flying Ring" Inventor Revamps the Boomerang

  • Man Bites Shark

  • Old Green Genes

  • Skullduggery

  • Easing the Trauma

  • Overview: Schizophrenia

  • Talking Policy

  • Sick of Work

  • Dust Busters

  • Patent Power

  • Remote Possibility

  • Letters


  • Letters to the Editors, June 1990

  • Recommended

    Books, June 1990

  • Amateur Scientist

    The Amateur Scientist, June 1990

  • Departments

    The Analytical Economist, June 1990

  • Essay: Of Ladders, Cycles and Economic Growth

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