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The Great Climate Debate

Greenhouse effect and the prospect of global warming is the subject of scientific and political controversy. Should we take steps now to avoid consequences we cannot foresee?

By Robert M. White

Homeobox Genes and the Vertebrate Body Plan

This family of related genes determines the shape of the body. It subdivides the embryo along the head-to-tail axis into fields of cells that eventually become limbs and other structures

By Eddy M. De Robertis, Guillermo Oliver and Christopher V. E. Wright

The LEP Collider

The Large Electron-Positron Collider will churn out a million Z° particles this year. The abundance of data will enable physicists to probe their present understanding of physical law as never before

By Emilio Picasso and Stephen Myers

What Causes Diabetes?

For insulin-dependent diabetes, the answer is an autoimmune ambush of the body's insulin-producing cells. Why the attack begins and persists is now becoming clear

By Mark A. Atkinson and Noel K. Maclaren


The secrets behind dazzling fireworks displays are yielding to scientific snooping. Similar principles are at work in devices ranging from the space shuttle to safety matches

By John A. Conkling

Chestnut Blight

A fungus that has ravaged the American chestnut is itself coming under biological attack. Plant pathologists hope the new parasite will eventually control the old one

By Jopeph R. Newhouse

Ramsey Theory

The brilliant mathematician Frank Plumpton Ramsey proved that complete disorder is an impossibility. Every large set of numbers, points or objects necessarily contains a highly regular pattern

By Joel H. Spencer and Ronald L. Graham


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