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Science, Technology and the Western Miracle

Close links between the growth of scientific knowledge and the rise of technology have permitted the market economies of the Western nations to achieve unprecedented prosperity

By Nathan Rosenberg and L. E. Birdzell Jr.

Black Holes in Galactic Centers

Some holes power brilliant quasars; most seem to lie dormant in relatively quiet galaxies like our own. Understanding these massive objects will help reconstruct the early history of the universe

By Martin J. Rees

Gene Therapy

Treatment of disease by introducing healthy genes into the body IS becoming feasible. But the therapy will not reach its full potential until the genes can be coaxed to work throughout life

By Inder M. Verma

The Meaning of Dreams

Dreams may reflect a fundamental aspect of mammalian memory processing. Crucial information acquired during the waking state may be reprocessed during sleep

By Jonathan Winson

A Roman Factory

Most historians hold that the Romans failed to develop the technology of mechanized production because slave labor was so cheap. The ruins at Barbegal in France tell another story

By A. Trevor Hodge

The Mechanical Design of Insect Wings

Subtle details of engineering and design, which no man-made airfoil can match, reveal how insect wings are remarkably adapted to the acrobatics of flight

By Robin J. Wootton


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