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The Real Cost of Energy

Bringing market prices in line with energy's hidden burdens will be one of the great challenges of the coming decades

By Harold M. Hubbard

The Structure of Quasicrystals

Quasicrystals are neither uniformly ordered like crystals nor amorphous like glasses. Many features of quasicrystals can be explained, but their atomic structure remains a mystery

By Peter W. Stephens and Alan I. Goldman

Collisionless Shock Waves

To many theorists' surprise, shock waves form even in the rarefied material between the planets. These shocks sculpt the space environment and lie at the heart of a variety of astrophysical phenomena

By Roald Z. Sagdeev and Charles F. Kennel

Hepatitis B Virus

This small, extraordinary virus causes liver diseases and a common form of cancer. New vaccines produced by genetic engineering hold the promise of eventually eradicating both

By Pierre Tiollais and Marie-Annick Buendia

Photochromic and Photosensitive Glass

Unlike ordinary glass, these glasses respond to light, resulting in structures that find uses in electronics, optics and the decorative arts

By Donald M. Trotter Jr.

How Dinosaurs Ran

Did the giants of the Mesozoic period lumber sluggishly, or were they formidable running machines? Techniques borrowed from modern physics and engineering may give us the answer

By R. McNeill Alexander

Hard Words

How deeply can language be traced? Radical linguists look back to the Stone Age. Traditionalists disagree.

By Philip E. Ross


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: April 1991

  • Cold Start

  • Tracking the Missing Carbon

  • Seeking Senescence

  • A Gentler Therapy?

  • Into the Lattice

  • Looking for Nothing

  • Old Masters

  • A Press Release on Dioxin Sets the Record Wrong

  • History Lessons

  • Political Engineer

  • Molecular Zippers in Gene Regulation

  • Love and Terror

  • A Plague of Plaques

  • Call and Tell

  • Is Morse Code Signing off?

  • Mind Reader

  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, April 1991

  • Erratum

  • Errata

  • Recommended

    Books, April 1991

  • Mathematical Recreation

    Mathematical Recreations, April 1991

  • Departments

    Gas Vaccine

  • The Analytical Economist - April, 1991

  • America' Green Strategy

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