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Progress in Oral Rehydration Therapy

Each year, the therapy—feeding of a simple electrolyte solution—saves the lives of a million children who become dehydrated from diarrhea. New versions are being developed to improve that number...

By William B. Greenough and Norbert Hirschhorn


In quantum mechanics, indistinguishable particles are subject to special interactions. Recent work has revealed the existence of a rich new class of possibilities: anyons

By Frank Wilczek

René Jules Dubos

This quintessential environmentalist's quest for mechanisms of disease evolved into a philosopher's search for health

By Carol L. Moberg and Zanvil A. Cohn

The Silicon Retina

A chip based on the neural architecture of the eye proves a new, more powerful way of doing computations

By Carver Mead and Misha A. Mahowald

The Genesis of Ores

A precise series of geologic events takes place before metals become minable. Water, magma and other fluids as well as weather and wind play essential roles in the formation of ores

By George Brimhall

The Genetics of Thoroughbred Horses

Thoroughbreds are the most prized of domestic animals yet the least touched by modern genetics. New studies explore how inheritance affects their fertility and track performance

By Patrick Cunningham

Mechanical Engineering in the Medieval Near East

Muslim engineers preserved earlier technology and added inventions as basic as the crank, the windmill and the suction pump. Some of their innovations anticipated much later developments in Europe...

By Donald R. Hill

Cleaning Up Coal

Pushed by Congress, electric utilities are on the verge of taking bold steps to cut emissions caused by burning America's most abundant fuel.

By Elizabeth Corcoran


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: May 1991

  • Up in Flames

  • U.S. Gags Discussion of War's Environmental Effects

  • Proofreading Genes

  • Hol Chan

  • Freezing Point

  • Parched Policy

  • Reluctant Revolutionary

  • Handful of Pain

  • Light Flight

  • Cadmium Charges

  • Protein Probe

  • Open Channels

  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, May 1991

  • Recommended

    Books May 1991

  • Mathematical Recreation

    Mathematical Recreations May 1991

  • Departments

    The Analytical Economist: Bursting Bubbles

  • Essay - May 1991

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