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Opium, Cocaine and Marijuana in American History

Over the past 200 years, Americans have twice accepted and then vehemently rejected drugs. Understanding these dramatic historical swings provides perspective on our current reaction to drug use...

By David F. Musto

The Early Life of Stars

Violent collisions of gas dominate the childhood of stars. Eventually nuclear fusion begins, enabling mature stars to burn steadily for billions of years

By Steven W. Stahler

Stroke Therapy

Although no treatment to limit brain damage is yet available, many tantalizing possibilities are on the horizon. Some are already being evaluated in all-important human trials

By Justin A. Zivin and Dennis W. Choi

Optical Interferometry of Surfaces

By exploiting the wave nature of light and the power of modern computers, the authors have designed highly sensitive devices for measuring surface texture

By David M. Perry, Glen M. Robinson and Richard W. Peterson

Biological Control of Weeds

Insects and microorganisms are already serving as commercial weed killers, and other biological approaches show promise. The goal: environmentally compatible alternatives to chemical herbicides...

By Gary A. Strobel

Copper-Alloy Metallurgy in Ancient Peru

More than 1,000 years ago civilization in South America was forged out of copper alloys. Recent excavations have revealed many aspects of copper-alloy metallurgy, from mining to smelting to metalworking...

By Izumi Shimada and John F. Merkel

The Austronesian Dispersal and the Origin of Languages

The Austronesian languages of the Pacific spread across 10,000 kilometers of coastline and sea within 1,500 years, the fastest and widest expansion of prehistoric times. Farmers led the way...

By Peter Bellwood

Along for the Ride?

Computers can assume control of almost every phase of flight in the newest generation of jet aircraft.

By Gary Stix


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: July 1991

  • Burning Questions

  • Why are Data from Kuwait Being Withheld?

  • Proteins 2, Malaria 0

  • Birds of a Fever

  • Molecular Trickster

  • Quantum Magnets

  • Live from Off-Center

  • Math Exorcise

  • Biggest Black Hole in the Universe?

  • A Subtle Mind Contemplates Science

  • Silicon Lights Up

  • Memorable Revival

  • A Chip-Making Plan to Leapfrog Japan

  • Sound Bytes

  • Fortran Forever

  • 3-D Documents

  • A Matter of Taste

  • Letters


  • Letters to the Editors, July 1991

  • Recommended

    Book Reviews, July 1991

  • Mathematical Recreation

    Insectoids Invade a Field of Robots

  • Departments

    Games that Networks Play

  • The Poetry of Science

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