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Antiscience Trends in the U.S.S.R.

A prominent Soviet scientist traces the reasons underlying the current surge in superstitions, cults and antitechnological protests in his country

By Sergei Kapitza

Colliding Galaxies

Violent encounters between galaxies appear surprisingly common. Computer models and observations indicate that these cosmic collisions may form elliptical galaxies and activate quasars

By Joshua Barnes, Lars Hernquist and François Schweizer

The Human Telomere

Although this specialized DNA cap at each end of the chromosome carries no genes, it is still valuable. Recent evidence indicates that chromosomes need their telomeres to survive

By Robert K. Moyzis

Tracking and Imaging Elementary Particles

How and why 25 billion bits of data produced in a second by the world's largest collider are translated into images of elementary particles

By Horst Breuker, Hans Drevermann, Christoph Grab, Alphonse A. Rademakers and Howard Stone


Sophisticated descendants of the canary in the coal mine are based on molecular components of plants and animals bound to microscopic electrodes or optical fibers

By Jerome S. Schultz


The females of these insects are voracious predators, each year capturing many bees to feed to their young. The males are highly aggressive and fight among themselves for access to females...

By Howard E. Evans and Kevin M. O'Neill

Antichaos and Adaptation

Biological evolution may have been shaped by more than just natural selection. Computer models suggest that certain complex systems tend toward self-organization

By Stuart A. Kauffman

Smart Genes

How do very similar genes produce very different cells? It depends on which genes are activated and when. The elaborate chemical messages that control differentiation are now being deciphered...

By Tim Beardsley


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: August 1991

  • Exporting Misery

  • Do DNA Fingerprints Protect the Innocent?

  • A Small Disturbance

  • Waves are Waves...

  • Caribbean Killer

  • The New Moon

  • Positive Response

  • Man's Best Friend

  • The Reward of Ideas that are Wrong

  • Ordering Chaos

  • Can Japan Put the Brakes on Global Warming?

  • Firewater Fish

  • Off the MAP

  • Binding Bone

  • Painkiller

  • Letters


  • Letters to the Editors, August 1991

  • Recommended

    Book Reviews, August 1991

  • Mathematical Recreation

    What in Heaven is a Digital Sundial?

  • Departments

    The Rise and Fall of Cities

  • The Second Bottom Line

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