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Homeless Families

Single women with young children constitute the most rapidly growing segment of homeless persons. Emergency shelter can only partly ease the physical and psychological devastation experienced by these families...

By Ellen L. Bassuk

Quantum Cosmology and the Creation of the Universe

By applying quantum mechanics to the universe as a whole, cosmologists hope to look beyond the very instant of creation

By Jonathan J. Halliwell

The Stem Cell

This master cell creates the key components of the human blood cell and immune systems. Isolating and manipulating the stem cell will lead to new treatments for cancer, immune defects and other disorders...

By David W. Golde

The Origin of Horseback Riding

Analysis of horse teeth from the Ukraine proves that riding began 6, 000 years ago, much earlier than had been supposed. The innovation affected the dispersion of culture and language

By David Anthony, Dimitri Y. Telegin and Dorcas Brown

Chemical Fuels from the Sun

The production of chemical fuels from sunlight offers a form of energy that can be transported and stored, overcoming the limitations of converting solar energy directly to electricity

By Israel Dostrovsky

The Brush Turkey

This Australian bird is one of a family that constructs mounds in which to incubate its eggs. The process requires remarkable adaptations of both egg and hatchling

By Roger S. Seymour

Sophie Germain

An extraordinary mathematician, she struggled against the prejudices of 19th-century French society to produce enduring work in number theory and the theory of elasticity

By Amy Dahan Dalmdico

Silicon Babies

Researchers are trying to build machines that emulate the reasoning and self-awareness of humans, but in the real world even the competence of a mayfly eludes them-for now.

By Paul Wallich


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: December 1991

  • High and Dry

  • Buckytubes

  • The Ig Nobel Prizes

  • Fatal Flaw

  • Star Bursts

  • People Preserves

  • Cross Reaction

  • Smaller World

  • The Man who Loves Insects

  • Rethinking Research

  • Thinking of Machines

  • Beyond Sympathy

  • Seeing is Believing

  • The Analytical Economist

  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, December 1991

  • Recommended

    Science Books for Young People 1991

  • Mathematical Recreation

    A Short Trek to Infinity

  • Departments

    Annual Index 1991

  • Essay: Marx wasn't all Wrong

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