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Early Results from the Hubble Space Telescope

Although hampered by optical and mechanical flaws, Hubble has relayed a plenitude of eye-opening images and revealing spectral portraits of cosmic objects

By Eric J. Chaisson

Lipoprotein (a) in Heart Disease

A remarkable protein that transports cholesterol and binds with blood clots can raise the risk of a heart attack. Comparisons between it and other blood proteins may explain why

By Richard M. Lawn

Transgenic Crops

Biotechnology has already created plants that withstand pests and fruits that resist spoilage. Recent advances confirm its environmental soundness and commercial viability

By Charles S. Gasser and Robert T. Fraley

The Codex Mendoza

This magnificent pictorial book, compiled by Aztecs at the instigation of their Spanish conquerors, constitutes an eyewitness account of a rapidly vanishing civilization

By Frances F. Berdan and Patricia Rieff Anawalt

Single Electronics

Is electric current the motion of individual electrons or the continuous flow of a fluid of charge? Recent experiments confirm both ideas and may lead to novel electronic devices

By Konstantin K. Likharev and Tord Claeson

Control of Rabies in Wildlife

A revolutionary approach now being tested in Europe and North America is the offspring of a research effort that began modestly in an Atlanta laboratory some 30 years ago

By Konrad Bgel and William G. Winkler

Accounting for Environmental Assets

A country can cut down its forests, erode its soils, pollute its aquifers and hunt its wildlife and fisheries to extinction, but its measured income is not affected as these assets disappear...

By Robert Repetto

Redesigning Research

As U.S. spending on industrial research and development flags, a few companies are trying to invent new rules.

By Elizabeth Corcoran


  • 50 and 100 Years Ago: June 1992

  • Still Negotiating

  • The Mice that Missed

  • The Estrogen Factor

  • Weird Wonders

  • Astronomical Austerity

  • A Switch with the Right Spin

  • Scientist, Administrator, Role Model

  • Genes to Order

  • Tap Dance

  • Getting Agricultural Biotech off the RAC

  • Fuelish Study?

  • Stained Glass

  • Letters


  • Letter to the Editors, June 1992

  • Advances

    Joy of Cooking

  • Recommended

    Book Reviews, June 1992

  • Mathematical Recreation

    The Riddle of the Vanishing Camel

  • Departments

    The MBAs of Summer

  • Junk Science in the Courtroom

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