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How Many Species Inhabit the Earth?

The sad truth is that no one knows. The answer is relevant to efforts to conserve biological diversity and could illuminate crucial questions about evolution and management of the environment

By Robert M. May

Quantum Cryptography

For ages, mathematicians have searched for a system that would allow two people to exchange messages in absolute secrecy. Quantum mechanics has now joined forces with cryptology to achieve a major step in that direction

By Charles H. Bennett, Gilles Brassard and Artur K. Ekert

Singing Caterpillars, Ants and Symbiosis

With siren songs and chemical lures, some butterfly caterpillars attract ants to serve as their guardians. Those same ants are usually involved in symbioses with other insects and plants as well

By Philip J. DeVries

Diamond Film Semiconductors

Thin sheets of diamond, grown {rom a low-pressure gas and doped with impurities, may serve as the basis for a new generation of electronic devices

By Michael W. Geis and John C. Angus


  • Formula for Diabetes?

  • Mountain Sickness

  • Histones as Regulators of Genes

  • Scavenging and Human Evolution

  • Teaching Real Science

  • Agenda 21: Sustainable Development

  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, October 1992

  • Recommended

    Book Reviews, October 1992

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50 and 100 Years Ago: October 1992

  • Profile

    Illuminator of the Stars

  • Mathematical Recreation

    Murder at Ghastleigh Grange

  • Science and the Citizen

    The Edge of Chaos

  • The Best Little Yard Sale in New Mexico

  • Lying by the Book

  • Musseling In

  • Smart Wheels

  • A Matter of Timing

  • The Cosmic Microwave Mirage?

  • Orphan Isotopes

  • Departments

    The Business of Education

  • Technology and Business

    Storage Space

  • Different Strokes

  • Fine Grain

  • Billions of Buckytubes

  • Diagnosis by DNA

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October 1992

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