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Health Care Reform

Medical costs are rising rapidly, and millions of people have no health care coverage. The nation urgently needs a universal insurance program

By Rashi Fein

The Expansion Rate and Size of the Universe

The age, evolution and fate of the universe depend on just how fast it is expanding. By measuring the size of the universe using a variety of new techniques, astronomers have improved estimates of the expansion rate...

By Wendy L. Freedman

The Risks of Software

Programming bugs have disrupted telephone service and delayed shuttle launches. An inherent uncertainty in reliability may mean limiting a computer's role, especially in systems where software is critical for safety...

By Bev Littlewood and Lorenzo Strigini

Visualizing Biological Molecules

Computer-generated images are aiding research in molecular structure and helping to elucidate the complex chemistry of life

By Arthur J. Olson and David S. Goodsell

The Big Bang of Animal Evolution

Almost 600 million years ago animal evolution demonstrated an unmatched burst of creativity. Has the mechanism of evolution altered zn ways that prevent fundamental changes in the body plans of animals?...

By Jeffrey S. Levinton

Linguistic Origins of Native Americans

Scholars have long wondered how Native Americans settled the New World. Recent research indicates that their many tongues belong to just three families, implying three waves of immigration from Asia...

By Joseph H. Greenberg and Merritt Ruhlen

Astronomy in the Age of Columbus

Aided by his wildly erroneous conception of the earth's circumference, Columbus redrew the globe, perhaps encouraging others to realign the heavens

By Owen Gingerich

Micron Machinations

Silicon is becoming both bricks and mortar for armies of gears, valves, pumps and sensing devices that may turn the surface of microchips into diminutive factories and laboratories.

By Gary Stix


  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, November 1992

  • Recommended

    Book Reviews, November 1992

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50 and 100 Years Ago: November 1992

  • Profile

    The Intellectual Warrior

  • Amateur Scientist

    Sighting Cepheid Variables

  • Science and the Citizen


  • Paradise Lost?

  • Bringing Science to the Bottom Line

  • Cells for Jerry's Kids

  • Flotsam Footwear

  • Stellar Bells

  • Who were the Indo-Europeans?

  • Desert Dynamics

  • Kicking Chaos out of Lasers

  • Departments

    A Risk Worth Taking

  • Why Business Needs Scientists

  • Technology and Business

    Building Networks

  • Cool Sounds

  • Semiready

  • Intercepted Messages

  • Intuitive Design

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