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Why America's Bridges are Crumbling

Inadequate maintenance has piled up a repair bill that will take decades to pay off. Indeed, the scope of the problem is only now becoming clear

By Kenneth F. Dunker and Basile G. Rabbat

Black Holes and the Centrifugal Force Paradox

An object orbiting close to a black hole feels a centrifugal force pushing inward rather than outward. This paradoxical effect has important implications for astrophysics

By Marek Artur Abramowicz

Teaching the Immune System to Fight Cancer

Certain molecules on tumors can serve as targets for attack by cells of the immune system. These tumor-rejection antigens may provide a basis for precisely targeted anticancer therapy...

By Thierry Boon

Flat-Panel Displays

Recent advances in microelectronics and liquid crystals make possible video screens that can be hung on a wall or worn on a wrist

By Steven W. Depp and Webster E. Howard

How Parasitic Wasps Find their Hosts

Besides recognizing odors from their caterpillar hosts, wasps also learn to identify compounds released by the plant on which the caterpillars feed

By James H. Tumlinson, W. Joe Lewis and Louise E. M. Vet

Ice Age Lamps

The invention of fat-burning lamps toward the end of the Ice Age helped to transform European culture. It coincided with several other major technological advances

By Sophie A. de Beaune and Randall White

Flooded Forests of the Amazon

Parts of the vast rain forest are as much aquatic as terrestrial ecosystems. Unique adaptations allow creatures to thrive in these inundated woods

By Michael Goulding

DNA's New Twists

The known rules of genetics.....

By John Rennie


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  • Letters to the Editors, March 1993

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    Flight-Testing Fruit Flies

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    Antarctic Meltdown

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    More Profitable to Give than to Receive?

  • Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics

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    Back to Basics

  • No Snake Oil Here

  • High on Gravity

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