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Underground Records of Changing Climate

Boreholes drilled into continental rock can recover fossil temperatures that reveal the climate of past eras. The results require careful interpretation

By Henry N. Pollack and David S. Chapman

The Most Distant Radio Galaxies

Astronomers have identified powerful radio-emitting galaxies that existed when the universe was only one tenth its present age These objects offer a glimpse at the early evolution of giant galaxies...

By George K. Miley and Kenneth C. Chambers

The Centrosome

By directing the assembly of a cell's skeleton, this organelle controls division, motility and shape. The details of its structure and function are just beginning to emerge

By Cayetano Gonzalez, David M. Glover and Jordan W. Raff

The Future of the Transistor

As it has grown smaller and cheaper engineers have scoffed at theoretical barriers to its progress -- so far

By Robert W. Keyes

Monogamy and the Prairie Vole

Studies of the prairie vole -- a secretive, mouselike animal -- have revealed hormones that may be responsible for monogamous behavior

By C. Sue Carter and Lowell L. Getz


Autistic individuals suffer from a biological defect Although they cannot be cured, much can be done to make life more hospitable for them

By Uta Frith

The Great Well of China

More than 150 years ago the Chinese drilled one kilometer into the earth to extract brine for making salt. The well was the culmination of an 800-year-old technology

By Hans Ulrich Vogel

Eugenics Revisited

Scientists are linking genes to a host of complex human disorders and traits, but just how valid--and useful--are these findings?

By John Horgan


  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, June 1993

  • Recommended

    Book Reviews--A Brief for Science

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50 and 100 Years Ago: Helium Welding and Antidote for Magnesia

  • Profile

    A Powerful Voice for Women

  • Mathematical Recreation

    A Bundling Fool Beats the Wrap

  • Science and the Citizen

    Living Cure

  • A Bus for Scotty

  • Ecolocation

  • Mr. Clinton, Put Down that Watering Can

  • SNAPs and SNAREs

  • Cosmic Diagnosis

  • David's Victory

  • Time Warp

  • Departments

    Are Economy Watchers Chasing a Mirage?

  • Can Scientists "Make Change their Friend"?

  • Technology and Business

    Red-Banner Burger

  • Is that Shirt Ascorbic Acid?

  • Extinguished

  • Making Wavelets

  • Micromachine Line

  • "Plastics, Benjamin..."

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