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Eliminating Nuclear Warheads

More than 50,000 nuclear weapons may be decommissioned during the next 10years. Their disposal requires both technical and political innovations

By Frank von Hippel, Marvin Miller, Harold Feiveson, Anatoli Diakov and Frans Berkhout

Faster than Light?

Experiments in quantum optics show that two distant events can influence each other faster than any signal could have traveled between them

By Raymond Y. Chiao, Paul G. Kwiat and Aephraim M. Steinberg

T Cell Anergy

When cells of the immune system "see" antigens in the absence of the right cosignals, they shut themselves down instead of attacking. Future therapies might capitalize on that reaction

By Ronald H. Schwartz

A Universe of Color

Color photography continues to be an important astronomical tool that reveals details of celestial objects not yet captured by modern electronic detectors

By David F. Malin

Mastering Chaos

It is now possible to control some systems that behave chaotically. Engineers can use chaos to stabilize lasers, electronic circuits and even the hearts of animals

By William L. Ditto and Louis M. Pecora

Diet and Primate Evolution

Many characteristics of modern primates, including our own species, derive from an early ancestor's practice of taking most of its food from the tropical canopy

By Katharine Milton

The Great Radium Scandal

William J. A. Bailey grew rich from his radium-laced patent medicine until it killed a leading socialite. The scandal helped to usher in modern standards of radioisotope regulation

By Roger M. Macklis


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