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Debate: Does Free Trade Harm the Environment?

The Case for Free Trade

Environmentalists are wrong to fear the effects of free trade. Both causes can be advanced by imaginative solutions

By Jagdish Bhagwati

The Perils of Free Trade

Economists routinely ignore its hidden costs to the environment and the community

By Herman E. Daly

Chemical Signaling in the Brain

Studies of acetylcholine receptors in the electric organs of fish have generated critical insights into how neurons in the human brain communicate with one another

By Jean-Pierre Changeux

X-ray Binaries

In these systems, ultradense neutron stars feed on their more sedate companions. Such stellar cannibalism produces brilliant outpourings of x-rays and drastically alters the evolution of both stars...

By Edward P. J. van den Heuvel and Jan van Paradijs

The Art of Boris Artzybasheff

A compelling mid-20th century vision of the machines of war and peace

By Domenic J. Iacono

High-Power Electronics

A new generation of silicon switches enables power grids to meet the needs of utility customers with high efficiency and reliability

By Narain G. Hingorani and Karl E. Stahlkopf

Ancient DNA

Genetic information that had seemed lost forever turns out to linger in the remains of long-dead plants and animals. Evolutionary change can at last be observed directly

By Svante Pääbo

A Lab of Her Own

Despite decades of struggle, women remain a small minority in the scientific community

By Marguerite Holloway


  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, November 1993

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50 and 100 Years Ago: Freon-12 Air Conditioning and Did Placenta Evolve from the Pouch

  • Reviews

    Book Reviews--The Biology of the Mind

  • Profile

    The Mastermind of Artificial Intelligence

  • Mathematical Recreation

    Fermat's Last Time-Trip

  • Science and the Citizen

    Dot's Incredible

  • Grim Statistics

  • Were Four Corners Victims Biowar Casualties?

  • Insects are Forever

  • Goldilocks Cosmology

  • "Pollution, Pollution..."

  • Sausage Factory

  • Unraveling Alzheimer's

  • Departments

    Ivy League Bonus Babies

  • Peace among Democracies

  • Technology and Business

    Turning Green

  • More Fun than a Root Canal

  • Power Play

  • Software Skipper

  • ECM for 747s

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