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Heart of the Matter

A particle "factory" for probing a seminal asymmetry

By John Horgan

Challenges for 1994

By Jonathan Piel

From Mice to Men

The burgeoning business of gene therapy

By Tim Beardsley

Bright Future

Porous silicon proves versatile, but is it real?

By Paul Wallich

The Color of Sound

Shedding light on sonoluminescence

By Philip Yam

Clean Definitions

The nation contemplates what to do with Superfund

By Gary Stix


Medicine closes in on an artificial liver device

By W. Wayt Gibbs

Core Questions

Glaciers and oceans reveal a mercurial climate

By Marguerite Holloway

Fractured Functions

Does the brain have a supreme integrator?

By John Horgan

Living Legend

Is the last ground sloth hidden in the Amazon?

By Marguerite Holloway

A Girl's Best Friend

Diamond continues to resist efforts at economic synthesis

By Kristin Leutwyler

When Cells Divide

Making space for the next wave of wireless communications

By W. Wayt Gibbs

Shrinking Sandbox

IBM's woes visit its esteemed research division

By Gary Stix

Wanted: a Defense R&D Policy

Defense researchers seek to redefine their mission

By John Horgan

A Joycean Mutation

Researchers discover a new mechanism for cancer

By Tim Beardsley

Cosmic SNUs

Closing in on the "solar neutrino problem"

By Corey S. Powell

The Fertility Decline in Developing Countries

Family size is decreasing in many Third World countries. The reasons provide the key to slowing population growth

By Bryant Robey, Shea O. Rutstein and Leo Morris

The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory

A steady stream of data from this orbiting observatory is painting a portrait of a dynamic and often enigmatic cosmos

By Neil Gehrels, Carl E. Fichtel, Gerald J. Fishman, James D. Kurfess and Volker Schönfelder

MHC Polymorphism and Human Origins

The diversity of human tissue types was generated long before Homo sapiens emerged

By Jan Klein, Naoyuki Takahata and Francisco J. Ayala

Coupled Oscillators and Biological Synchronization

A subtle mathematical thread connects clocks, ambling elephants, brain rhythms and the onset of chaos

By Steven H. Strogatz and Ian Stewart

The Death Cults of Prehistoric Malta

New archaeological excavations reveal that as the ancient island societies suffered from environmental decline, they developed an extreme religious preoccupation with life and death

By Caroline Malone, Anthony Bonanno, Tancred Gouder, Simon Stoddart and David Trump


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    Letters to the Editors, December 1993

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    50 and 100 Years Ago: Penicillin and Molecules in Diamonds

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    Electronic Fireflies

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December 1993

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