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World Linguistic Diversity

The ancestor of each language was taken to its current territory by pioneers, farmers, traders or a conquering elite. Multidisciplinary studies are clarifying their respective roles

By Colin Renfrew


These havens of biodiversity are often endangered because they can be hard to identify. Understanding their variable characteristics can lead to more successful conservation efforts

By Jon A. Kusler, Joseph S. Larson and William J. Mitsch

The Toxins of Cyanobacteria

These poisons, which periodically and fatally contaminate the water supplies of wild and domestic animals, can also harm humans. But they are being coaxed into doing good

By Wayne W. Carmichael

The Search for Strange Matter

Between nucleus and neutron star stretches a desert devoid of nuclear matter. Could strange quark matter fill the gap?

By Carsten H. Greiner and Henry J. Crawford

The First Data Networks

The optical telegraph is almost forgotten. Two centuries ago it moved messages over hundreds of kilometers in a few minutes

By Bjrn Pehrson and Gerard J. Holzmann

Breaking Intractability

Problems that would otherwise be impossible to solve can now be computed, as long as one settles for what happens on the average

By Henryk Woniakowski and Joseph F. Traub

Animal Sexuality

Animals have evolved a range of mechanisms to determine whether an individual takes on masculine or feminine traits. Cross-species comparisons offer some surprising insights into the nature of sexuality

By David Crews

A War not Won

Despite dramatic scientific gains, cancer remains an undaunted killer

By Tim Beardsley


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