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The Future of American Defense

U.S. forces were shaped for conflict with a superpower. The emerging multilateral world calls for a smaller, more flexible and far less expensive military

By Philip Morrison, Kosta Tsipis and Jerome Wiesner

Sulfate Aerosol and Climatic Change

Industrial emissions of sulfur form particles that may be reflecting solar radiation back into space, thereby masking the greenhouse effect over some parts of the earth

By Robert J. Charlson and Tom M. L. Wigley

The Molecular Architects of Body Design

Putting a human gene into a fly may sound like the basis for a science fiction film, but it demonstrates that nearly identical molecular mechanisms define body shapes in all animals...

By William McGinnis and Michael Kuziora

When Is Seeing Believing?

Digital technology for manipulating images has subverted the certainty of photographic evidence

By William J. Mitchell

Liquid Mirrors

Light, liquid-mercury mirrors, which can potentially be made much larger than glass mirrors, may enable astronomers to construct enormous telescopes and see farther than ever before...

By Ermanno F. Borra

AIDS and the Use of Injected Drugs

The AIDS epidemic continues to grow among drug users who inject. It could be curbed if governments more readily adopted effective prevention programs

By Don C. Des Jarlais and Samuel R. Friedman

The Terror Birds of South America

These huge, swift creatures were the dominant carnivores of the continent for millions of years, until competitors drove them into extinction

By Larry G. Marshall

Particle Metaphysics

In the aftermath of the Superconducting Super Collider's death, physicists are divided over how--or even whether--they should continue their search for a unified theory of nature

By John Horgan


  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, February 1994

  • Errata

  • Recommended

    Book Reviews--Old Blue Eyes

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50 and 100 Years Ago: Synthetic Rubber and Telephone Patent Expired

  • Profile

    Laid-Back Leader Rattles the Academy

  • Amateur Scientist

    Making a Mirror by Spinning a Liquid

  • Science and the Citizen

    Nobel Notes

  • Reflections in a Quantum Well

  • Too Little, Too Late?

  • No Global Warming?

  • Fertile Ground

  • Design for Living

  • Time-Trippers Beware

  • Departments

    Paying for Light at the End of the Chunnel

  • AIDS and Population "Control"

  • Technology and Business

    Dr. Big Brother

  • Extra! Extra!

  • Heads in the Cloud

  • Pipe Dream

  • A Blade of Grass

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