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The Earth's Mantle below the Oceans

Samples collected from the ocean floor reveal how the mantle's convective forces shape the earth's surface, create its crust and perhaps even affect its rotation

By Enrico Bonatti

The Dynamics of Social Dilemmas

Individuals in groups must often choose between acting selfishly or cooperating for the common good. Social models explain how group cooperation arises --and why that behavior can suddenly change

By Natalie S. Glance and Bernardo A. Huberman

Targeted Gene Replacement

Researchers can now create mice bearing any chosen mutations in any known gene. The technology is revolutionizing the study of mammalian biology

By Mario R. Capecchi

High-Speed Silicon-Germanium Electronics

The author has helped create electronic devices that outperform traditional silicon technology yet remain compatible with standard manufacturing methods

By Bernard S. Meyerson

Frogs and Toads in Deserts

Amphibians seem unlikely desert denizens. But those living in dry climes reveal a diverse and unusual array of adaptations to life at the extremes

By Lon L. McClanahan, Rodolfo Ruibal and Vaughan H. Shoemaker


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