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Visualizing the Mind

Strategies of cognitive science and techniques of modern brain imaging open a window to the neural systems responsible for thought

By Marcus E. Raichle

Trade, Jobs and Wages

Blaming foreign competition for U.S. economic ills is ineffective. The real problems lie at home

By Paul R. Krugman and Robert Z. Lawrence

The Pioneer Mission to Venus

This multipart spacecraft spent 14 years scrutinizing the atmosphere, clouds and environs of the nearest planet. The results clarify the stunningly divergent evolutionary histories of Venus and the earth

By Janet G. Luhmann, James B. Pollack and Lawrence Colin

The Dilemmas of Prostate Cancer

Do the risks of aggressive treatment for early prostate cancer outweigh the benefits? This question is one of several unresolved issues faced by those who treat, and those who have, prostate cancer

By Marc B. Garnick

Precious Metal Objects of the Middle Sicán

A Peruvian culture older than the Incas made unprecedented use of gold and other metals. Studies of Sicán metalworking techniques offer hints about this mysterious society

By Izumi Shimada and Jo Ann Griffin

Nurturing Nature

Can we rebuild it? The field of ecological restoration is evaluating techniques to restore nature and is grappling with definitions of success

By Marguerite Holloway

Chemistry and Physics in the Kitchen

Bon appétit! Scientists are beginning to understand how chefs accomplish their culinary masterpieces—and are making modest recipe suggestions of their own

By Nicholas Kurti and Hervé This-Benckhard

Charge and Spin Density Waves

Electrons in some metals arrange into crystalline patterns that move in concert, respond peculiarly to applied voltages and show self-organization

By Stuart Brown and George Grüner


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