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Was the Race to the Moon Real?

In 1961 President John F. Kennedy made the goal to be first on the moon a matter of national honor. But were the Soviets truly in the running?

By Alain Dupas and John M. Logsdon

The Classical Limit of an Atom

By creating ultralarge atoms, physicists hope to study how the odd physics of the quantum world becomes the classical mechanics of everyday experience

By Carlos Stroud, John Yeazell and Michael Nauenberg

Emotion, Memory and the Brain

The neural routes underlying the formation of memories about primitive emotional experiences, such as fear, have been traced

By Joseph E. LeDoux

Adaptive Optics

Technology developed during the cold war is giving new capabilities to ground-based stronomical telescopes

By John W. Hardy

Early Andean Cities

Some 3,800 years ago Pampa de las Llamas-Moxeke and Taukachi-Konkan were carefully laid-out urban centers that housed many hundreds of people

By Shelia Pozorski and Thomas Pozorski

The Sensory Basis of the Honeybee's Dance Language

Novel experiments, such as training bees to respond to sounds and recruiting them using a robot, have ended several debates surrounding the dance language

By William F. Towne and Wolfgang H. Kirchner

The Ethnobotanical Approach to Drug Discovery

Medicinal plants discovered by traditional societies are proving to be an important source of potentially therapeutic drugs

By Paul Alan Cox and Michael J. Balick

Grading the Gene Tests

From just a snippet of DNA, geneticists can sometimes forecast a patient's health. But ethical problems surrounding this testing are as ominous as the diseases themselves

By John Rennie


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    Letters to the Editors, June 1994

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    Book Reviews--Albert en Famille

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50 and 100 Years Ago: Television for World Peace and Oscillation of Stars

  • Profile

    The Last Universal Mathematician

  • Amateur Scientist

    Genetically Altering Escherichia coli

  • Science and the Citizen

    Population Summit

  • Gathering String

  • Sanity Check

  • Bright Spot

  • La Ronde

  • It's Just a Phase

  • Shooting the Rapids

  • Departments

    For Sale: One Country, As Is

  • The Art of the Scientific Insult

  • Technology and Business

    Cyberspace Cadets

  • Good-bye, Taki 183

  • Requiem for Alpha?

  • Immuno-Logistics

  • Little Winners

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