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Agriculture for Developing Nations

The capital-intensive, highly mechanized Western model may not suit every developing region. Systems of intensive polyculture, exemplified by rice cultivation, may be better

By Francesca Bray

The Scientific Legacy of Apollo

The retrieved lunar rocks have helped settle questions about the moon's origin, its composition and even the early conditions that affected life on the earth

By G. Jeffrey Taylor

Synthetic Self-Replicating Molecules

Molecules crafted in the laboratory can make copies of themselves, mutate, compete for resources and assemble, giving a paradigm for life

By Julius Rebek

Barriers to Drug Delivery in Solid Tumors

Many tumors resist full penetration by anticancer agents. Such resistance may help explain why drugs that eradicate tumor cells in laboratory dishes often fail to eliminate malignancies in the body...

By Rakesh K. Jain


These giant aquatic grazers outchewed their rivals in the New World. Now humans, their sole enemy, hold the key to their survival

By Thomas J. O'Shea

Jean Henri Fabre

This reclusive entomologist became one of the most popular educational authors of his day. A look at his greatest work reveals both the underappreciated achievements and the failings of his science...

By Georges Pasteur

Late Ice Age Hunting Technology

Cro-Magnon artisans designed many kinds of spearpoints. By re-creating these weapons, we can better appreciate the sophisticated skill ancient hunters possessed

By Heidi Knecht

Can Science Explain Consciousness?

By John Horgan


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  • Letters to the Editors, July 1994

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