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Why Children Talk to Themselves

Although children are often rebuked for talking to themselves out loud, doing so helps them control their behavior and master new skills

By Laura E. Berk

Secure Distributed Computing

Networks and computer security often do not go well together, but the developers of the Athena ystem have yet to see their protocols fail

By Jeffrey I. Schiller

Resolving Zeno's Paradoxes

For millennia, mathematicians and philosophers have tried to refute Zeno's paradoxes, a set of riddles suggesting that motion is inherently impossible. At last, a solution has been found

By William I. McLaughlin

Escher's Metaphors

The prints and drawings of M. C. Escher give expression to abstract concepts of mathematics and science

By Doris Schattschneider

Cerebrospinal Meningitis Epidemics

A debilitating and often deadly disease, meningitis remains common in many developing countries. New insights may soon enable us to predict and control outbreaks

By Patrick S. Moore and Claire V. Broome


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