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Cerebrospinal Meningitis Epidemics

A debilitating and often deadly disease, meningitis remains common in many developing countries. New insights may soon enable us to predict and control outbreaks

By Patrick S. Moore and Claire V. Broome

The Genetics of Flower Development

Flower cells learn which organs to become from genes that convey positional information. A model based on just half a dozen such genes can predict how mutations will affect floral structure

By Elliot M. Meyerowitz

Escher's Metaphors

The prints and drawings of M. C. Escher give expression to abstract concepts of mathematics and science

By Doris Schattschneider

Secure Distributed Computing

Networks and computer security often do not go well together, but the developers of the Athena ystem have yet to see their protocols fail

By Jeffrey I. Schiller

Big-Time Biology

By Tim Beardsley


  • The Self-Reproducing Inflationary Universe

  • Why Children Talk to Themselves

  • Resolving Zeno's Paradoxes

  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, November 1994

  • TechnoFiles

    Pricing Internet

  • Recommended

    Book Reviews--Of Ants and Men

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50 and 100 Years Ago: Increasing Profits for the Chemical Industry and Increased Noise

  • Profile

    Gruff Guru of Condensed-Matter Physics

  • Mathematical Recreation

    Playing Chess on a go Board

  • Science and the Citizen

    Talk about the Weather

  • Global Aid Wars

  • Sex, Death and Sugar

  • Microquasars

  • A Nova Burns Out

  • Brain Storm

  • Branching Out

  • Some Like it Hot--and Cold

  • Departments

    An Economic Uncertainty Principle

  • Words at Play on the Internet

  • Technology and Business

    Fighting for Survival

  • A New View for Surgeons

  • Productivity Lost

  • Ounce of Prevention

  • Bettering Batteries

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November 1994