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Emerging Viruses

Hemorrhagic fever viruses are among the most dangerous biological agents known. New ones are discovered every year, and artificial as well as natural environmental changes are favoring their spread...

By Bernard Le Guenno

Companions to Young Stars

The surprising finding that even the youngest stars commonly exist in sets of two or three has revised thinking about the birth of star systems

By Alan P. Boss

Quantum-Mechanical Computers

Quantum-mechanical computers, if they can be constructed, will do things no ordinary computer can

By Seth Lloyd

Demolition by Implosion

Detonation of small quantities of strategically placed explosives can demolish an unwanted high-rise in a matter of seconds

By J. Mark Loizeaux and Douglas K. Loizeaux

The Molecular Logic of Smell

Mammals can recognize thousands of odors, some of which prompt powerful responses. Recent experiments illuminate how the nose and brain may perceive scents

By Richard Axel

The Laboratory Notebooks of Thomas Edison

The raw visual and textual evidence of his imagination, Edison's notebooks were the unrevealed talismans of the inventor's career

By Neil Baldwin

Can Environmental Estrogens Cause Breast Cancer?

The authors of a provocative hypothesis spell out their reasons for suspecting that hormone-mimicking chemicals in the environment contribute to many unexplained cases of breast cancer

By Devra Lee Davis and H. Leon Bradlow

The New Social Darwinists

Psychologists and others try to sidestep old pitfalls—both political and scientific—as they apply evolutionary theory to the clothed ape

By John Horgan


  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, October 1995

  • Recommended

    Reviews--Lunar Odyssey

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50, 100 and 150 Years Ago: Broadcasting from Planes, Louis Pasteur and the Gulf Stream

  • Profile

    Thinking Globally, Acting Universally

  • Mathematical Recreation

    The Never-Ending Chess Game

  • Science and the Citizen

    Hidden Scars

  • Seeing the Forest for the Trees

  • Beyond Neptune

  • High Tension

  • Why so Blue?

  • A Pox on the Pox

  • Giving your All

  • Endangered Again

  • A Tight Fit

  • These Feet were made for Walking--And?

  • Are Band-Aids Enough for Third World Debt?

  • By the Numbers

    Deaths Caused by Breast Cancer, by County

  • Departments

    The Controversy over the End of Science

  • Science Travel

    More Coral Trouble

  • Field Notes

    3 Rms, Ocean View

  • Technology and Business

    Slash and Burn

  • An Acid Test

  • Writing on the Fringe

  • Theres No Place like Cyberspace

  • A Tiny Gutenberg

  • Soft Wear

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