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The World's Imperiled Fish

Wild fish cannot survive the onslaught of modern industrial fishing. The collapse of fisheries in many regions shows the danger plainly

By Carl Safina

The Science of Juggling

Studying the ability to toss and catch balls and rings provides insight into human coordination, robotics and mathematics

By Peter J. Beek and Arthur Lewbel

The Discovery of X-rays

One hundred years ago this month, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen cast the first x-ray images by chance

By Graham Farmelo

The Brain's Immune System

It consists of cells called microglia that are normally protective but can be surprisingly destructive. The cells may contribute to neurodegenerative diseases and to the dementia of AIDS

By Wolfgang J. Streit and Carol A. Kincaid-Colton

Holographic Memories

After more than 30 years, researchers are on the verge of using holograms to store data in memories that are both fast and vast

By Demetri Psaltis and Fai Mok

God's Utility Function

Humans have always wondered about the meaning of life. According to the author, life has no higher purpose than to perpetuate the survival ofDNA

By Richard Dawkins

Chaotic Climate

Global temperatures have been known to change substantially in only a decade or two. Could another jump be in the offing?

By Wallace S. Broecker


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