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Working Elephants

They earn their keep in Asia by providing an ecologically benign way to harvest forests

By Michael J. Schmidt

Neural Networks for Vertebrate Locomotion

The motions animals use to swim, run and fly are controlled by specialized neural networks. For ajawless fish known as the lamprey, the circuitry has been worked out

By Sten Grillner

Caloric Restriction and Aging

Eat less, but be sure to have enough protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. This prescription does wonders for the health and longevity of rodents. Might it help humans as well?

By Richard Weindruch

The Real Threat of Nuclear Smuggling

Although many widely publicized incidents have been staged or overblown, the dangers of even a single successful diversion are too great to ignore.

By Paul N. Woessner and Phil Williams


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