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The Horror of Land Mines

Land mines kill or maim more than 15,000 people each year. Most victims are innocent civilians. Many are children. Still, mines are planted by the thousands every day

By Gino Strada

The Kuiper Belt

Rather than ending abruptly at the orbit of Pluto, the outer solar system contains an extended belt of small bodies

By Jane X. Luu and David C. Jewitt

Uncovering New Clues to Cancer Risk

A growing discipline called molecular epidemiology is attempting to find early biological signposts for heightened risk of cancer. The research should enhance prevention of the disease

By Frederica P. Perera

Software for Reliable Networks

Techniques that enable distributed computing systems to reorganize themselves can restore operation when one part crashes

By Kenneth P. Birman and Robbert van Renesse

The Pursuit of Happiness

New research uncovers some anti-intuitive insights into how many people are happy--and why

By David G. Myers and Ed Diener

Hanford's Nuclear Wasteland

The U.S. is spending billions to clean up its nuclear weapons complexes. At one of the most contaminated sites, no one knows how much the project will cost, how long it will take or how much good it will do

By Glenn Zorpette


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