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Semiconductor Subsidies

Did the U.S. government spend more than $700 million to achieve a goal that might have been attained for much less?

By Lucien P. Randazzese

Training the Olympic Athlete

Sports science and technology are today providing elite competitors with the tiny margins needed to win in world-class competition

By Jay T. Kearney

Science in the Sky

The International Space Station will be the most expensive object ever built. Although many scientists oppose the grandiose scheme, its political momentum now appears unstoppable

By Tim Beardsley

Can Nuclear Waste Be Stored Safely at Yucca Mountain?

Studies of the mountain's history and geology can contribute useful insights but not unequivocal conclusions

By Chris G. Whipple

The Reluctant Father of Black Holes

Albert Einstein's equations of gravity are the foundation of the modern view of black holes; ironically, he used the equations in trying to prove these objects cannot exist

By Jeremy Bernstein

The Art of Charles R. Knight

Long before the film Jurassic Park, Knight's illustrations brought dinosaurs to life in the public's mind

By Gregory S. Paul


  • 50, 100 and 150 Years Ago: Super Calculator, Skin Grafts and Remodeled Steam Ship

  • Taxoids: New Weapons against Cancer

  • Homemade Microgram Electrobalances

  • From the Editor

    The Space Station's Disappointing Odyssey

  • Letters


  • Letters to the Editors, June 1996

  • Recommended

    Reviews and Commentaries--A Bright Light

  • Anti Gravity

    The Lizard Kings

  • Wonders

    Under Pressure

  • In Brief

    In Brief, June 1996

  • Profile

    Catching a Coming Crime Wave

  • Mathematical Recreation

    Tales of a Neglected Number

  • Science and the Citizen


  • Forecast: Dry and Windy

  • Artful Dating

  • Among the Papers in Kaczynski's Cabin

  • Senile Words

  • By the Numbers

    AIDS Cases Reported, 1994-1995

  • Working Knowledge

    Air Bags--Working Knowledge

  • Connections

    Out of Gas

  • Cyber View

    Playing Facts and Loose

  • Field Notes

    Star-Hopping by the Outhouse

  • Technology and Business

    Ultrasound's New Phase

  • Mind Readings

  • Good Wood

  • Testing, Testing

  • Up, Up and Away

  • In Focus

    "Peaceful" Nuclear Explosions

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June 1996

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