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Next-Generation Compact Discs

A novel agreement among competing electronics companies has delivered an innovative plan for compatible "DVD" products--the first are due out this fall

By Alan E. Bell

Blue-Laser CD Technology

Coaxing semiconductor crystals into lasing blue light is no easy task, but the rewards-- among them, greater storage space on optical disks--are well worth the wait

By Robert L. Gunshor and Arto V. Nurmikko

Sunlight and Skin Cancer

Although most skin cancers appear in older people, the damage often begins decades earlier, when the sun's rays mutate a key gene in a single cell

By David J. Leffell and Douglas E. Brash
The Nature of Space and Time

The Nature of Space and Time

Two relativists present their distinctive views on the universe, its evolution and the impact of quantum theory

By Stephen W. Hawking and Roger Penrose

The Hidden World of Surgery

In his finely resolved images of surgery, a photographer sees clues to who and what we are

By Max Aguilera-Hellweg

The Mother of Mass Extinctions

Disaster struck 250 million years ago, when the worst decimation in the earth's history occurred. Called the end-Permian mass extinction, it marks a fundamental change in the development of life...

By Douglas H. Erwin

Who Owns Digital Works?

Computer networks challenge copyright law, but some proposed cures may be as bad as the disease

By Ann Okerson

Exoskeletal Sensors for Walking

To move their limbs, cockroaches, crabs and spiders rely on organs in their exoskeletons that act as strain gauges. Their method of locomotion could facilitate the design of multilegged robots...

By Sasha N. Zill and Ernst-August Seyfarth


  • From the Editor

    Glimpses of the Familiar but Unknown

  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, July 1996

  • Recommended

    Reviews and Commentaries--An Anthropologist's Attic

  • Anti Gravity

    Wonderful Town

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50, 100 And 150 Years Ago: Radio Transmission in Space, The Biological Survey and Gas Lamps Ignited by Electricity

  • Wonders


  • In Brief

    In Brief, July 196

  • Profile

    Pushing the Envelope for Vaccines

  • Mathematical Recreation

    Arithmetic and Old Lace

  • Amateur Scientist

    Covert Observations of Nesting Sparrows

  • Science and the Citizen

    Pot Luck

  • Mirror, Mirror

  • Pink Gold

  • Group Think

  • Triassic Bug

  • By the Numbers

    The Changing Quality of Life

  • Working Knowledge

    Working Knowledge on Halogen Lights

  • Connections

    Folies de Grandeur

  • Cyber View

    New Stars for the New Media

  • Field Notes

    Headshrinker Convention

  • Technology and Business

    Light Work

  • Treble Vision

  • Panacea Lost?

  • Keeping the "Tiger" at Bay

  • The Underwater Lightness of Being

  • Leaf it to Them

  • In Focus

    Waking Up

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