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Smart Cards

As potential applications grow, computers in the wallet are making unobtrusive inroads

By Carol H. Fancher

The Stellar Dynamo

Sunspot cycles--on other stars--are helping astronomers study the sun's variations and the ways they might affect the earth

By Elizabeth Nesme-Ribes, Sallie L. Baliunas and Dmitry Sokoloff

Sands of the World

One of the most common elements on the earth's surface, sand is also one of the most various

By Walter N. Mack and Elizabeth A. Leistikow

Probing High-Temperature Superconductivity

Recent experiments exploiting subtle quantum effects yield important clues about why some ceramics conduct electricity without resistance

By John R. Kirtley and Chang C. Tsuei

The Mystery of Lambic Beer

An ancient brewing technique produces a beverage so complex that it is still yielding its secrets to organic chemists

By Jacques De Keersmaecker

Ring Bubbles of Dolphins

A number of bottlenose dolphins in Hawaii can create shimmering, stable rings and helices of air as part of play

By Ken Marten, Karim Shariff, Suchi Psarakos and Don J. White


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