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What Causes Cancer?

The top two causes -- tobacco and diet -- account for almost two thirds of all cancer deaths and are among the most correctable

By David J. Hunter, Dimitrios Trichopoulos and Frederick P. Li

Strategies for Minimizing Cancer Risk

Simple, realistic preventive measures could save hundreds of thousands of lives every year in developed countries alone

By Graham A. Colditz, Nancy E. Mueller and Walter C. Willett

New Molecular Targets for Cancer Therapy

Investigators are exploiting the characteristic molecular abnormalities of cancers in new approaches to treatment

By Allen Oliff, Frank McCormick and Jackson B. Gibbs

Making Headway against Cancer

A single cure is still elusive, but for people touched by his disease, modern understanding is paying off in better treatments, better prevention and brighter prospects

By John Rennie and Ricki Rusting

Immunotherapy for Cancer

As knowledge about the immune system grows, scientists are devising ways, using the body's own defenses, to attack cancer

By Lloyd J. Old

How Cancer Spreads

Tumor cells roam the body by evading the controls that keep normal cells in place. That fact offers clues to fighting cancer

By Erkki Ruoslahti

How Cancer Arises

An explosion of research is uncovering the long-hidden molecular underpinnings of cancer -- and suggesting new therapies

By Robert A. Weinberg

Controlling the Pain of Cancer

Despite enormous advances in treating pain, many cancer patients still suffer needlessly. Some simple practices can make a difference

By Kathleen M. Foley

Chemoprevention of Cancer

Someday people should be able to avoid cancer or delay its onset by taking specially formulated pills or foods

By Peter Greenwald


Cancer patients today have many options for easing distress. These interventions may not prolong life, but they can improve its quality

By Jimmie C. Holland

Alternative Cancer Treatments

Miraculous cures are a myth, but some regimens may well improve the quality of life for patients

By Jean-Jacques Aulas

Advances in Tumor Imaging

New tools yield a three-dimensional view inside the body and automated advice on interpreting the anatomical landscape

By Charles A. Pelizzari and Maryellen L. Giger

Advances in Cancer Detection

Tests to look for the presence of a tumor before any symptoms appear may save more lives than new drug therapies do

By David Sidransky


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