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Microbes Deep Inside the Earth

Recently discovered microorganisms that dwell within the earth's crust could reveal clues to the origin of life

By James K. Fredrickson and Tullis C. Onstott

Friction at the Atomic Scale

Long neglected by physicists, the study of friction's tomic-level origins, or nanotribology, indicates that the force tems from various unexpected sources, including sound energy

By Jacqueline Krim

Ten Days Under the Sea

Living underwater in the world's only habitat devoted to science, six aquanauts studied juvenile corals and fought off "the funk"

By Peter J. Edmunds

Charles Darwin and Associates, Ghostbusters

When the scientific establishment put a spiritualist on trial, the co-discoverers of natural selection took opposing sides

By Richard Milner

Confronting Science's Logical Limits

The mathematical models now used in many scientific fields may be fundamentally unable to answer certain questions about the real world. Yet there may be ways around these problems

By John L. Casti

Sounding Out Science

By Marguerite Holloway


  • Letters to the Editors, October 1996

  • In Brief, October 1996

  • Single Mothers and Welfare

  • Controlling Computers with Neural Signals

  • Making Your Mark

  • From the Editor

    Microbes from Mars? Maybe

  • Letters


  • Recommended

    Reviews and Commentaries--Mistakes Were Made

  • Anti Gravity

    Just Say NO

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50, 100 and 150 Years Ago: Fuel Costs, Cycling Without Breaks and Discovery of Anesthesia

  • Wonders

    New World and Old: A Matter of Magnitude

  • Profile

    Probing Medicine's Outer Reaches

  • Mathematical Recreation

    Monopoly Revisited

  • Amateur Scientist

    Working in a Vacuum

  • Science and the Citizen

    Fish Fight

  • A Spinning Crystal Ball

  • On the Tail of the Tiger

  • Hurricane Hullabaloo?

  • Unicorn Hunts?

  • By the Numbers

    Soil Erosion of Cropland in the U.S., 1982 to 1992

  • Working Knowledge

    Working Knowledge on Photocopiers

  • Cyber View

    Television by Any Other Name

  • Field Notes

    Building a Better T-Bone

  • Technology and Business

    "X" (Rays) Mark the Tumor

  • Picking on Cotton

  • Programming with Primordial Ooze

  • Recently Netted...

  • In Focus

    Bugs in the Data?

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October 1996

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