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SOHO Reveals the Secrets of the Sun

A powerful new spacecraft, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, or SOHO, is now monitoring the sun around the clock, providing new clues about our nearest star

By Kenneth R. Lang

Plants That Warm Themselves

Some plants produce extraordinary heat when they bloom. A few even regulate their temperature within narrow limits, much as if they were warm-blooded animals

By Roger S. Seymour

Discovering Genes for New Medicines

By identifying human genes involved in disease, researchers can create potentially therapeutic proteins and speed the development of powerful drugs

By William A. Haseltine

Trusted Systems

Devices that enforce machine-readable
rights to use the work of a musician
or author may create secure ways to
publish over the Internet

By Mark Stefik

Searching the Internet

Combining the skills of the librarian
and the computer scientist may help
organize the anarchy of the Internet

By Clifford Lynch

Preserving the Internet

An archive of the Internet may prove
to be a vital record for historians,
businesses and governments

By Brewster Kahle

Going Digital

Electronic libraries will make
today's Internet pale by comparison.
But building them will not be easy

By Michael Lesk


China's eugenics law makes trouble
for science and business

By Tim Beardsley


Coof low-budget astronomymputer power opens a new era

By Corey S. Powell


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