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Out of Africa Again... and Again?

Africa is the birthplace of humanity.But how many human species evolved there?And when did they emigrate?

By Ian Tattersall

Combinatorial Chemistry and New Drugs

An innovative technique that quickly produces large numbers of structurally related compounds is changing the way drugs are discovered

By Matthew J. Plunkett and Jonathan A. Ellman


These microbes thrive under conditions thatwould kill other creatures. The moleculesthat enable extremophiles to prosperare becoming useful to industry

By Michael T. Madigan and Barry L. Marrs

The Science of Murphy's Law

Life's little annoyances are not as random as they seem: the awful truth is that the universe is against you

By Robert A. J. Matthews

Jules Verne, Misunderstood Visionary

Discovery of a long-lost novel reveals that, from the start, the father of science fiction was gravely concerned with the dangers of technology

By Arthur B. Evans and Ron Miller


  • Can Sustainable Management Save Tropical Forests ?

  • Black Holes and the Information Paradox

  • How Erosion Builds Mountains

  • From the Editor

    Seriously, We're Not Kidding

  • Letters

    Letters To The Editors, April 1997

  • Recommended

    Reviews and Commentaries—Reconstructing Tesla

  • Anti Gravity

    Separate but EQ

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50, 100 and 150 Years Ago: Polaroids, Seam Engines and Zinc Wire

  • Wonders

    The Silicon Gourmet

  • In Brief

    In Brief, April 1997

  • Profile

    From Satan to Zen

  • Mathematical Recreation

    Knight's Tours

  • Amateur Scientist

    The Joys of Armchair Ornithology

  • Science and the Citizen


  • Salivating For Saffron

  • A Golf Cart, It Isn't

  • Stopping Strokes

  • The Greening Of Europa

  • By the Numbers

    Air Pollution in the U.S.

  • Working Knowledge

    Smoke Detectors—Working Knowledge

  • Connections

    Feathered Friends

  • Cyber View

    Cracking the U.S. Code

  • Technology and Business

    Playing Nice

  • Dredging The Digestive System

  • Plastic Power

  • Check Your Bags

  • In Focus

    Small (Lending) Is Beautiful

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April 1997

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