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Integrins and Health

Discovered only recently, these adhesive cell-surface molecules have quickly revealed themselves to be critical to proper functioning of the body and to life itself

By Alan F. Horwitz

The Coming Climate

Meteorological records and computer models permit insights into some of the broad weather patterns of a warmer world

By Jonathan Gregory, Neville Nicholls and Thomas R. Karl

New Chemical Tools to Create Plastics

Small molecular machines called metallocene catalysts have revolutionized the industrial synthesis of valuable plastics

By John A. Ewen

Galaxies in the Young Universe

By comparing distant primeval galaxies with older ones nearby, astronomers hope to determine how galaxies form and evolve

By F. Duccio Macchetto and Mark Dickinson


  • The Sinister Cosmos

  • Divided We Fall: Cooperation among Lions

  • Managing Human Error in Aviation

  • Seeking a Better Way to Die

  • Reviews and Commentaries--Portrait of a Pathogen

  • From the Editor

    The Misunderstood Clone

  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, May 1997

  • Anti Gravity

    Coffee Talk

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50, 100 and 150 Years Ago: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, The Sun's Heat and The Tire

  • Wonders

    HOH and Life Elsewhere

  • In Brief

    In Brief, May1997

  • Profile

    Electric Cars and Pterosaurs Are My Business

  • Mathematical Recreation

    Big Game Hunting in Primeland

  • Amateur Scientist

    When Hazy Skies are Rising

  • Science and the Citizen

    Vanishing World

  • As Time Goes By...

  • Scent Prospectors

  • By the Numbers

    Female Illiteracy Worldwide

  • Working Knowledge

    Antishoplifting Labels--Working Knowledge

  • Connections

    Stones and Bones

  • Cyber View

    World Wide Widgets

  • Technology and Business

    Under the Wire

  • Strange Attractors

  • Power to the People

  • Taming Tremor

  • In Focus

    The Start of Something Big?

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May 1997