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Iran's Nuclear Puzzle

Rich in fossil-fuel resources, Iran is pursuing a nuclear power program difficult to understand in the absence of military motives

By David A. Schwarzbach

Panoramas of the Seafloor

Modern sonar techniques map the continental margins of the U.S. and reveal the richly varied scenery usually hidden underwater

By Lincoln F. Pratson and William F. Haxby

Searching for Digital Pictures

Computers that can reason about images may be able to pick out distinct features of a person, place or object from photograph archives

By David Forsyth, Jitendra Malik and Robert Wilensky

Overcoming the Obstacles to Gene Therapy

Treating disease by providing needed genes remains a compelling idea, but clinical and basic researchers still have much to do before gene therapy can live up to its promise

By Theodore Friedmann

Gene Therapy for Cancer

Inserted genes could in theory arrest tumor growth or even AIDS

By R. Michael Blaese

What Cloning Means for Gene Therapy

By John Rennie and Steve Mirsky


  • In Brief, June 1997

  • Configurable Computing

  • Early Hominid Fossils from Africa

  • Nonviral Strategies for Gene Therapy

  • Gene Therapy for the Nervous System

  • Bringing Schrdinger's Cat to Life

  • From the Editor

    Recognizing Technological Genius

  • Letters

    Letters to the Editors, June 1997

  • Recommended

    Reviews And Commentaries: Thinking and Feeling

  • Anti Gravity

    Small Fry

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50, 100 and 150 Years Ago: Competition for Lead, Fluorine Liquefied and Astrophotography

  • Wonders

    Wrapping up Science and Art

  • Profile

    Scanning the Horizon

  • Mathematical Recreation

    The Sifting Sands of Factorland

  • Amateur Scientist

    Getting Inside an Ant's Head

  • Science and the Citizen

    War Without End?

  • Bee Blight

  • When Nutrients Turn Noxious

  • Sex, Flies and Videotape

  • By the Numbers

    Lung Cancer in U.S. Males

  • Working Knowledge

    Decaffeinating Coffee--Working Knowledge

  • Connections

    Notice the Difference?

  • Departments

    The 1997 National Medal of Technology

  • Cyber View

    Disliking the Internet

  • Technology and Business

    Seller Beware

  • Floating Giants

  • Spying Saucer

  • Medical Mismatch

  • Attacking Arthritis

  • In Focus

    Pinning Down Inflation

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June 1997

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