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The Machinery of Thought

Studies of the brains of monkeys and, more recently, of humans are revealing the neural underpinnings of working memory, one of the mind's most crucial functions

Space Age Archaeology

Remote-sensing techniques are transforming archaeology. Excavations may become less essential as researchers explore hiddensites and examine buried artifacts without unearthing them

By Farouk El-Baz

Mitochondrial DNA in Aging and Disease

Defects in DNA outside the chromosomes--in cell structures called mitochondria--can cause an array of disorders, perhaps including many that debilitate the elderly

By Douglas C. Wallace

Lightning between Earth and Space

Scientists discover a curious variety of electrical activity going on above thunderstorms

By Stephen B. Mende, Davis D. Sentman and Eugene M. Wescott

Lightning Control with Lasers

Scientists seek to deflect damaging lightning strikes using specially engineered lasers

By Jean-Claude Diels, Ralph Bernstein, Karl E. Stahlkopf and Xin Miao Zhao

Glandular Gifts

The way to a katydid's heart is throughher stomach

By Darryl T. Gwynne


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