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The Past and Future of Global Mobility

With growing wealth, people everywhere travel farther and faster. That trend inevitably brings a shift in the dominant transportation technologies

By Andreas Schafer and David Victor

The Lure of Icarus

With new designs and materials, human-powered fliers challenge the distance record

By Shawn Carlson

Straight up into the Blue

Tiltrotors, which take off like a helicopter but fly like an airplane, will soon make their military debut. Can civilian applications be far behind?

By Hans Mark

Microsubs go to Sea

Small, maneuverable, self-contained--these tiny submersibles may someday take a human to the bottom of the sea

By Graham S. Hawkes

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

They will reduce pollution and conserve petroleum. But will people buy them, even if the vehicles have astounding fuel efficiency?

By Victor Wouk

Flywheels in Hybrid Vehicles

A rapidly spinning flywheel combines with a gas-turbine engine to power a novel hybrid electric vehicle

By Deborah R. Castleman and Harold A. Rosen

Elevators on the Move

Elevator technology is taking off in new directions, including sideways

By Miriam Lacob

Automated Highways

Cars that drive themselves in tight formation might alleviate the congestion now plaguing urban freeways

By James H. Rillings

A Simpler Ride into Space

Technological advances may allow rockets of the next century to operate much as aircraft do today. That change might cut the cost of reaching orbit by 10-fold

By T. K. Mattingly


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