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The Bose-Einstein Condensate

Three years ago in a Colorado laboratory, scientists realized a long-standing dream, bringing the quantum world closer to the one of everyday experience

By Eric A. Cornell and Carl E. Wieman

The Challenge of Antibiotic Resistance

Certain bacterial infections now defy all antibiotics. The resistance problem may be reversible, but only if society begins to consider how the drugs affect good bacteria as well as bad

By Stuart B. Levy


Semiconductor lasers have shrunk to dimensions even smaller than the wavelength of the light they emit. In that realm, quantum behavior takes over, enabling more efficient and faster devices

By Paul L. Gourley

Animating Human Motion

Computer animation is becoming increasingly lifelike. Using simulation, a technique based on the laws of physics, researchers have created virtual humans who run, dive, bicycle and vault

By Jessica K. Hodgins

The Caiman Trade

The contraband trade in "Caiman" skins shows how sustainable utilization of endangered species fails to sustain them

By George Amato, Myrna E. Watanabe and Peter Brazaitis

The End of Cheap Oil

Global production of conventional oil will begin to decline sooner than most people think, probably within 10 years

By Colin J. Campbell and Jean H. Laherrre

Mining for Oil

More oil is trapped in Canadian sands than Saudi Arabia holds in its reserves. The technology now exists to exploit this vast resource profitably

By Richard L. George

Oil Production in the 21st Century

Recent innovations in underground imaging, steerable drilling and deepwater oil production could recover more of what lies below

By Roger N. Anderson

Liquid Fuels from Natural Gas

Natural gas is cleaner and more plentiful than oil. New ways to convert it to liquid form may soon make it just as cheap and convenient to use in vehicles

By Safaa A. Fouda


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