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The Neurobiology of Depression

The search for biological underpinnings of depression is intensifying. Emerging findings promise to yield better therapies for a disorder that too often proves fatal

By Charles B. Nemeroff

Quantum Computing with Molecules

By taking advantage of nuclear magnetic resonance, scientists can coax the molecules in some ordinary liquids to serve as an extraordinary type of computer

By Isaac L. Chuang and Neil Gershenfeld

Gravity Gradiometry

A formerly classified technique used to navigate ballistic-missile submarines now helps geologists search for resources hidden underground

By Robin E. Bell

Defibrillation: the Spark of Life

In the 50 years since doctors first used electricity to restart the human heart, we have learned much about defibrillators and little about fibrillation

By Mickey S. Eisenberg

Alcohol in the Western World

The role of alcohol in Western civilization has changed dramatically during this millennium. Our current medical interpretation of alcohol as primarily an agent of disease comes after a more complex historical relationship

By Bert L. Vallee

A New Look at Quasars

Recent observations from the Hubble Space Telescope may reveal the nature and origin of quasars, the mysterious powerhouses of the cosmos

By Michael Disney


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